​Survivor Star: Rupert Boneham

Meet 4-Time Survivor Star Rupert Boneham

Sept 22nd, 2018, 10am - 12pm

​Autograph and Book Signing

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Rupert was a contestant on Survivor an impressive four times. He was the first survivor to compete in back to back seasons, first appearing on Pearl Islands and then on All-Stars. Of the 4 seasons he played, he earned his best position of 4th place on All-Stars. He was also awarded one million dollars on Survivor by America’s Tribal Council after being voted the fan favorite. It was through those successes that Rupert was able to realize a dream of helping others.

The Rupert's Kids Foundation is a unique program. They take at-risk youths who have just left detention centers or who are on probation and give them the chance to work. They start with a two-week test trial period where participants get paid $10 a day to show up and complete work. Participants that successfully complete the two-week period, proving they are ready and responsible enough to work, Rupert will hire them.

It's a program that teaches job skills and builds confidence and self worth. According to their website,
www.rupertskids.org, it is their goal that this program guide each of the members of Rupert’s Kids toward stable housing, employment and relationships. In turn, this will help them become independent and contributing members of society.

Vocational skills they learn includes house repair skills, landscaping and yard maintenance, and money and time management skills. While learning how to take apart a weed-eater and reassemble it they are also learning responsibility and being encouraged to become a better person. “I make sure that they know that I am counting on them to succeed and that I believe they can succeed. I know that at some point they will start to believe it, too.”

Find out how you can volunteer or make a donation to this wonderful program at