Benefits of Grading Cards

Increases Value - Grading a card will increase the card´s value (in most cases) compared to its sample in raw form.

Authenticity - As part of the grading process, BGS will authenticate your card as being a real and legitimate card.

Preservation/Protection - your BGS graded cards are encased and well-preserved in a unique, protective card holder.

Tamper Proof - Once a card has been graded and encased, the integrity of the card is protected from tampering.

Display - The BGS cardholder is attractive, sturdy, and stackable. It provides unobstructed viewing of your card from all angles

Reputation - BGS operates with the same honesty, integrity, and excellent hobby knowledge you have come to expect from Beckett. Reliability and consistency are the hallmarks of Beckett Grading Services.

Past Special Guest: Beckett Grading

J&J Allstar Sportscards Shows plays hosts to special guests, such as, well known athletes, coaches and more.

​Please visit our site often to see when and who our next autograph signing guest will be!

Beckett Card Grading & Autograph Authentication was On-Site

 for the May 19, 2018, J&J Allstar Sportscards Show, from 8am - 2pm.

The turn-out was amazing and we look forward to having them back!